Meet Our Hosts!

Lifestyle Magazine has a long tradition of featuring outstanding guests and timely topics that make every show helpful and thought-provoking. The goal of our hosts, Mike and Gayle Tucker, is to bring the very best to our viewers with every new season.

Mike and Gayle Tucker

Mike & Gayle have hosted Lifestyle Magazine together since 2009. In addition, they run a successful marriage ministry, Mad About Marriage, which includes television shows, a marriage blog and weekend relationships seminars that are taught all around the world. They have co-written several books on relationships including Mad About Marriage and Mantras for Marriage.  For more info click here.

Dr. Sharmini Long
Dr. Sharmini Long is board-certified in three medicine specialties: Endocrinology, Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine. Her special interests include thyroid, pituitary, adrenal and diabetes disorders, as well as weight management.  Sharmini is the Medical Director of Parker Endocrinology located in Parker, CO.

A comprehensive approach to patient care is important to Dr. Long, along with an emphasis on patient empowerment through education.  Her patients appreciate her warm personal demeanor and her willingness to listen and we know that Lifestyle Magazine fans will feel the same.  For more info click here 

Obi Obadike
In a relatively short time Obi established himself as one of the top male fitness models/fitness experts in the world. In five short years, he has been featured on over 30 fitness magazine covers. One of Obi's passions is writing articles and educating people around the world about health and fitness. He has written over 100 articles in different publications around the world and his fat loss column on Bodybuilding.com is called "Ask the Ripped Dude," a bi-monthly column where he writes about fat loss, nutrition, diet and training, and with over 18 million visitors per month.  His twitter profile is dedicated to helping others every day with free helpful fitness tips, articles and motivational advice. Follow him on twitter at @Obi_Obadike

‚ÄčObi has helped celebrities like Morris Chesnut and Stephen A. Smith get into the 'best shape of their lives' and has been featured on the cover of more than 30 fitness magazines. For more info click here

Lynell LaMountain
Lynell LaMountain is the Senior Manager of CREATION Health for Florida Hospital. His desire and mission is to lead people into experiencing whole person wellness so they can enjoy life to the fullest through principles of whole life, balanced health: Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust in God, Interpersonal Relationships, Outlook, and Nutrition.

Bringing an expertise in several areas to Lifestyle Magazine, Lynell will be focusing on areas of our lives where people don’t often think about health, but in reality, our Choices and Personal Outlook can greatly affect our overall health and a healthy spiritual relationship with God can have a very positive benefit on our physical health as well.  For more info click here


Dan Matthews served as executive director for the Faith For Today television ministry and host of Lifestyle Magazine for 19 years, until his retirement in 1999. Today, as Speaker Emeritus, he continues to represent Lifestyle Magazine and Faith For Today throughout the world at speaking appointments, on television programs, and at conferences. In addition, Dan Matthews is an associate Pastor at the Loma Linda University Seventh-day Adventist Church.