Mood Therapy

Show Description: Feeling depressed? We all get that sometimes. In fact, it's estimated that Americans spend around 50 billion dollars, that's billion with a B, each year on psychotherapy. Is there a cheaper way? Yes. And we'll tell you what that is on this edition of Lifestyle Magazine with our guests, Dr. David Burns and Dr. Karen Radella.

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Offer Description: Each of us occasionally feels anxious, lonely, and angry—sometimes all at once. We label these as “difficult” emotions because they are uncomfortable and because they often feel unmanageable and confusing. But when we learn to understand and work through these feelings, they can guide us into deeper self-understanding. The pages of this CareNotes contain suggestions for coping with, and learning from, experiences of loneliness, anxiety, and anger—difficult emotions that we all experience. (www.onecaringplace.com)

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