Lifestyle Magazine 2009-2010 Season
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2030 Borderline
Aug. 30, 2009 Author Randi Kreger joins Lifestyle Magazine to share how to cope with borderline personality disorders.
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2029 The Amazing
Power Of
Aug. 23, 2009 The incredible story of a policeman who was shot and left for dead, and yet forgave.
2028 A Midlife
Manual For Men
Aug. 16, 2009 Author Stephen Arterburn talks about surviving the pressures of being a modern day man.
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2027 Teen Violence Aug. 9, 2009 The alarming escalation of violence in teens, and what to do about it.
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2026 Is Enough Ever
Really Enough?:
Myths About
Spousal Abuse
Aug. 2, 2009 The Christian's response to spousal abuse.
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2025 The Joys Of Grandparenting July 26, 2009 Making grandparenting the best time of your life.  And Ruta Lee talks to Joanne Worley.
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 2024 Men: The Good,
The Bad And
Everything Else
July 19, 2009 How the roles of men have changed over the years, for better and worse.
 2023 8 Steps To
Incredible Health
July 12, 2009 Join us today as Dr. George Guthrie shares the 8 Steps to Incredible Health!
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 2022 How To Talk
To The Grieving
July 5, 2009  Do’s and don’ts for helping people in grief.
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2021 Panic Attacks June 21, 2009 Dr. Lisa Boesky shares some of the latest methods in coping with panic attacks.
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2020 The McDougall Diet/Autism
June 14, 2009 Is there a connection between diet and autism? Tune into Lifestyle Magazine today to hear what Dr. John McDougall and Barrie Silberberg have to say about the effects of diet and autism.
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2019 How To Survive
An Affair
June 7, 2009 Guests talk about the devastating effects of an affair on their marriage, and how, with God’s help, they survived.
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2018 The Power
Of Faith
June 1, 2009 Ron Pollard and Elizabeth Talbot join Lifestyle Magazine to talk about how the understanding and exercise of faith can change lives.
2017 The McDougall
Top Ten
May 24, 2009 Dr. John McDougall answers our viewer’s top ten health questions.
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2016 The Power
Of Two
May 17, 2009 Dr. Susan Heitler on the power of good communication in marriage.
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2015 Obsessive-
May 10, 2009 Guests and experts talk about living with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.
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2014 From Betrayal
To Forgiveness
May 3, 2009 Anne Beiler, creator of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, talks about abuse at the hands of her pastor, and how she and her husband survived.
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2013 Living with
Apr. 26, 2009 Dr. John McDougall speaks with guests on living successfully with diabetes.
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2012 A Complaint
Free World
Apr. 19, 2009 Author Will Bowen on living without complaining.
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2011 Incredible
Weight Loss
Apr. 12, 2009 Author Chantel Hobbs joins Lifestyle Magazine to talk about the emotional, physical, and spiritual sides of weight loss.
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Chapter 3 – Junk Food Junkie

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 2010 Consumer Fraud Mar. 22, 2009 Consumer fraud is a major problem in our society today. Tune in to see what you can do to protect yourself from becoming a statistic.
 2009 Chronic Pain Mar. 15, 2009 Dr. Gary Mills joins Lifestyle Magazine to talk about chronic pain and what you can do about it to get relief.
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 2008 Elder Abuse Mar. 8, 2009 David Kochen, Kenneth Kondo and Barbara Massey join Lifestyle Magazine to talk about elder abuse.

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 2007 Dr. John
If I Were
Surgeon General
Mar. 1, 2009 Dr. John McDougall talks about the changes he would make if he were Surgeon General.
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2006 Unprotected Feb. 8, 2009 Dr. Miriam Grossman talks about the dangers of sexual promiscuity on college campuses around the country.
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Sense & Sexuality

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2005 Music Therapy Feb. 1, 2009 Dr. Barbara Reuer and singer/songwriter Maureen McGovern talk about how music therapy can help in the healing of people's lives.
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2004 Dangerous
And More
Jan. 25, 2009 Dr. John McDougall joins Lifestyle Magazine and talks about all aspects of living a healthy life and how to achieve it.
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2003 God's Grace Jan. 18, 2009 Is God's grace a free gift offered to anyone, regardless of who we are or what we've done? Join us as Stuart Tyner and
Pastor Tessine Watson discuss what God's grace really is.
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Jesus, Your Heart's Desire

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2002 Life, Love
& Laughter
Jan. 11, 2009
Is laughter REALLY the best medicine? Join us as Dr. Lee Berk and comedian Norm Crosby discuss the positive effect laughter can have, not only on our mental health but also our physical health.
God in
Jan. 4, 2009
Guests shares how to find God even in the midst of deep tragedies. They share their experiences in helping victims of events such as 9/11, the Virginia Tech shootings, and Hurricane Katrina.
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